Some random shots sent in to us :)

Phillips Grass

How hot is this couch, seems very uncomfortable but wow!

Designed by Phillips Grass, it seems that it is still not available a “digital” prototype, and supposedly going to be made from a polyester resin, upholstered with polyurethane foam and white leather.

So now we just need to wait for a large company to start making them, maybe the only company with the guts to do so would be Boeing or Jumbo.

Philippe Starck

I want to touch base on an amazing designer today.. His name is Philippe Starck

Starck would have to best known for his contemporary designs found all over the world which he has received public acclaim for even his amazing building interior designs and also a amazing architect.

He was born in Paris on the 18th of January 1949 and his father was an aircraft designer (Design runs in the family)  Alot of his work can be seen all over the world in top museums such as the Brooklyn Museum in New Yourk, The Museum of Design in London and the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.  There are also Exhibitions as well that have been held all over the world like Paris, Rome, Munich, Tokyo, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and many more.

Alot of his work in the 1980’s and 1990’s was said to have been over designed but that has clearly now changed.  

Check out his work here

R-15 Couch!

WOW! we just keep finding sexy couches!!  These are brought to us by a group called “Redo Studio” which are located in Russia.

I would say these are the most futuristic  retro looking chairs I have yet to see.  The R15 is one hot sexy looking couch. 

If you want to be different and impress your friends The R15 chair is a must  (imagine this in an office!)

The R15 chairs comes in the following five color choices:  Yellow, Black, Beige, White, and  in  Red.  With a bit of Chrome on the bottom of the arm rests really places the retro style in full effect along with its kick butt R-15 chrome badges.. Man i love this couch!

I am always happy to take free couches people! ha-ha. Enjoy these awesome works of Art.

Hattrick by Paolo Lillus

Paolo Lillus was born in Sardinia 1944, on his eigth birthday his father gave him a leather football/soccer ball.  From that point he was in love with the sport soccer.  So anyway they say that the ball went flat one day but instead of throwing it away he kept it and stored it away for the good memories. 

He then trained hard to become a master upholsterer and in 1966 he came across his soccer ball that he had kept safe for so long and when he saw it all the memories came back to him of been a child, but most importantly he supposedly came up with the idea of making a arm chair after it.  Now it is said that he never got around to developing the soccer ball into the armchair he had drawn up until after he retired and his kids came across the designs.

Daniel and Katie decided that it would be a great idea to create the timless arm chairs and promote as VIP seating at the 2006 world cup.

Check them out.

No Comment on these two armchairs, the dark one looks like some kind of exercise machine…

Alvar Aalto

Father of Modernism

Aalto is possibly the greatest names of modern design and architecture. though is only going to talk about chairs and not his other many designs such as his legendary hand crafted vases that I feel did push boundaries.

He was born 3rd of Feb 1898 – 11th May 1976 in Kuoratane, Finland and was known for his approach to modernism.  Before opening is first architectural office in Jyvaskyla he studied architecture in the Helsinki University of Technology from 1916-1921.

Amongst other things he was also a member of Congress Internationauz d’Architecture Moderne.

Now I can not lie, he is clearly known for the famous Aalto Vase which is the worlds most famous glass object.

Either way here are some pics of his chairs :)

Harry Bertoia

While researching couches and chairs I was lucky enough to come across Harry Bertoia, a Designer and Sculptor

A very well known name in the Art Market, as from researching him I found the energy and passion that went into making his designs is what sets him apart from most designers.  He is also famous for purposely NOT signing his own works or giving them a title as he believed that they are all works of the universe that God designed.

For more information go to


Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue is one of those designers that you just cant go past… inspired by Cebu and the surrounding islands.

“I think Cebu and the surrounding islands somehow inspires much of my designs today.

As a boy, I was always taken by the exuberant richness of nature that was around me.

Years later, I realised that I can access all those memories to move my ideas forward.” says Cobonpue

By using Indigenous materials such as abaca, rattan, buri and bamboo he has given furniture a new modern look touched by the Philippines and now known for his natural organic designs.

Oh and lets not forget that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have his works in there own home and also was seen in the Casino set of the movie Oceans 13.

Kenneth studied in the Pratt Institute in New York where he got the skills to return to Cebu in 1996 to run his family’s furniture company called “Interior Crafts of the Islands Inc.”

Check out the site as he is truly and amazing furniture designer.

Victor Boeda

Victor Boeda

Designer Victor Boeda designed this awesome Sofa and Chair that he named the Lilium  for the Paris based furniture manufacturer Steiner.

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